Monday, December 14, 2009

Here is a another painting from a long ago memory. I have never forgotten the elderly lady who I once knew as Auntie Polly, she lived up the street from from us in a tiny,tidy little house. I was eight years old when she was put into some sort of care home in 1964 and I had been visiting her regularly since I was 5, in those days we roamed the neighbourhood freely! I could not pass by her house without her calling out to give me a candy or cookie or an invitation for tea. She was a tiny,wee woman, not much bigger than me or so it seemed. I have painted her waving to me, with her hand in her apron pocket ready to pull out a goody. My dog, Skipper, a beagle, is with me, sadly Skipper was run over by another neighbour only yards away from this scene when I was 5 years old and later buried under our pear tree.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mr. Wilson and his Boston Terriers sold today!

Another Cadmium Red Letter day, Mr. Wilson and his dogs sold today and I can't help but feel encouraged!There is not much feedback here from the general populace however friends  are good to bounce ideas off.  It is interesting to discover the tastes and preferences of a cross spectrum of people. Some like an impressionistic work, others a seascape, historical, figurative, or realism, etc. The genres are many and there are many people , in any event I am painting what I want to paint and there shall be no slabs of beef  a la Damien Hirst, no Basquuiet sqiggly dollops ( well maybe ) certainly no Duccio! In short I will paint what I damn well please and break as many rules as I can, heh heh, like I did today. I LOWERED a price on a painting for the person who wanted to buy it (by only 15 $) apparently one is NOT to do this, meh, I do this for people on fixed incomes, or low income. I think everyone should have a piece of art even if it takes  them some time to to pay for it on the installment plan. I am just so happy the piece spoke to someone enough for them to want it!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mr. Wilson and his Boston Terriers

This painting, Mr. Wilson and his Boston Terriers, is taken from a childhood memory. As a child I was fascinated by Mr. Wilson whom I did not know, he lived up the street from us and had the two terriers which I loved to see. He also had a massive goiter which was also an endless and morbid fascination for me. I have painted him walking past our house on a windy day in early Spring. I am enjoying dipping into the past to try and remember scenes that embedded themselves in my mind. Somehow I just didn't feel good about painting the goiter so I left it out. I like to think Mr. Wilson would have approved.