Monday, December 7, 2009

Mr. Wilson and his Boston Terriers sold today!

Another Cadmium Red Letter day, Mr. Wilson and his dogs sold today and I can't help but feel encouraged!There is not much feedback here from the general populace however friends  are good to bounce ideas off.  It is interesting to discover the tastes and preferences of a cross spectrum of people. Some like an impressionistic work, others a seascape, historical, figurative, or realism, etc. The genres are many and there are many people , in any event I am painting what I want to paint and there shall be no slabs of beef  a la Damien Hirst, no Basquuiet sqiggly dollops ( well maybe ) certainly no Duccio! In short I will paint what I damn well please and break as many rules as I can, heh heh, like I did today. I LOWERED a price on a painting for the person who wanted to buy it (by only 15 $) apparently one is NOT to do this, meh, I do this for people on fixed incomes, or low income. I think everyone should have a piece of art even if it takes  them some time to to pay for it on the installment plan. I am just so happy the piece spoke to someone enough for them to want it!

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