Tuesday, November 17, 2009

About painting

I discovered painting last March after a couple of weeks of uninterrupted fog that had me housebound and stir crazy! My first clumsy attempt with an old canvas, 5 colours of paint and some fuzzy old paint brushes was satisfying enough to get me hooked and I have not stopped since! I have now painted about 30 or so canvases in 9 months. I love squeezing the colour from the tubes, I love the blank canvas staring at me and daring me to unveil the image! I now have a wide range of acrylic paints but of course long for more, they are not readily available here although I could order on-line if I had an unlimited supply of cash.
I have painted quite a few seascapes, I live on the edge of the Salish Sea so the first thing I see when I get up is the ocean. Lighthouses interest me and of course boats of all kinds, I think I could paint water for the rest of my life and never tire of it. I also like to paint landscapes, especially mountains of which there are plenty around here. The magnificent Mount Denman is a delicious subject, I have painted it 3 times and will probably paint it again and again. Last week I painted the last in a series of 3 prarie paintings, I love how the Rockies suddenly appear and knowing I am almost home! I love the patchwork fields and the fantastic yellow fields of canola flowers, natures cadmium yellow feast! Oh and did I mention the vastness of the prarie sky, blue and blue and billowing, pillowy clouds, I could stare at it all day if I had all day to stare!

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