Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cadmium Red letter day

Wow, today was a day most artists hope for, even if it doesn't seem very significant in the larger realm. I sold a painting, my first, funny thing is; 9 months have passed since I discovered painting! So I am chuffed and will tell you a bit about the work, Church at Sliammon. This church is a mission church not far from where I live, the original burned down about 1907 or there about and this one was built in it's stead. It is the church of the Sacred Heart and is located on the shore of the 1st Nation reserve of the Sliammon people. When Janet and I went picnicking there this summer some ravens and 2 bald eagles moved in on us, I told Janet they were checking us out because they didn't recognize us, they sure kept a close eye on us. We sketched and took photo's of the brilliant,, blue summer day.I submitted this painting to the Malaspina Art Society for their 2010 calendar and it was accepted and is now the month of March, I was pleasantly surprised at that too. A painting has fledged as it were and is leaving the nest, DonZ is :)... Oh I forgot to mention the little surprise in this painting. In the alcove of the church stands the Jesus figure, he is holding up his hand giving the benediction or genuflecting or whatever he is doing with two outstretched fingers but in my painting he is giving 2 thumbs up, just a slight change and one I hope he just might have approved of, it was fun to paint.

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