Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Red Road

I have posted one of my earliest paintings titled the RED ROAD. When I first began painting most of my work was what I would call folk art. I love the work of Maud Lewis and Grandma Moses, there is such an honest quality to their work that I am immediately drawn to it. I don't really enjoy slick art, I am not keen on realism or photo like paintings, this is why we have cameras methinks. The Impressionists impress me, the looseness of composition, the slashing brushwork, the riot of colour is what I find appealing. At the time I didn't know where the "red road" came from but it was a lot of fun to paint because of the freedom I gave myself to paint from my imagination. For some unknowable reason I now think this painting is a genetic memory or perhaps a daydream of my great grandmothers house on Cape Breton Island, I have never been there but I think Maggie would have liked this painting and would have encouraged me to continue. From what I have heard about her she was a loving, amusing, giving soul, she had a good sense of humor and loved to tell stories about her youth. I would have loved to have visited her and walked up the "red road" and into her arms!

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