Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had more visitors to our gallery on the Artwalk than I would have expected! Janet sold a painting and quite a few cards so we were happy with the interest.  It was good to have a  chance to talk about painting and the paintings with people who were interested enough to come out on a Friday night in River City for an Art experience! I had some nice feedback, seems some prefer my naive paintings, sort of dreamscapes like the Red Road, I have to admit I did enjoy painting them very much! I started another painting yesterday from an old memory that goes back to my childhood, Mr.Wilson walking past our house with his Boston Terriers, I don't know why I felt the need to paint this but I am, Hubby thinks the painting looks very funny, he thought the man was walking two, black ducks! Last week I worked on my clear cut painting and reworked an earlier version of the mission church at Sliammon, I was very pleased with the result as it pops out now and the contrast with the uninhabitated Harwood Island which I painted in many layers of blue and green ending up as teal worked well as a backdrop. I have never seen this church (the Sacred Heart) painted from the back side like this, artists seem to prefer the front view as it is appealingly picturesque. I like the idea of spirituality through the back door, it seems the indigenous people still use Harwood Island as a spiritual retreat.

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