Monday, November 23, 2009

First snow across the sea on Vancouver Island

I have started a new painting which I hope to have finshed by Friday.

Last weekend the first big snow storm hit Vancouver Island, the mountains were dusted with snow. The fresh snow revealed the many clear cuts of forest dotting the landscape; they look to me like white handkerchives draped on the mountainsides by some unseen hand. I am always intrigued by square things in nature, not that there is anything natural about clear cut forests, however these white squares laying there in the grey landscape with the Salish Sea in the foreground have a stark freshness that pleases my eye. I am still working out the tone of this painting, colour keeps seeping in to what was started as a study in greys and white.
  Friday night is the local Art Walk here with 7 venues on the main drag or High Street if you will. Our little gallery/studio is on this tour. The 5th Avenue Gallery is where my friend Janet and I paint most days. We have rented this space since July and have had some very productive weeks of work. It is in an old building that was a local barbershop for about 35 years, long and narrow the way a gallery should be, ours has high ceilings and high north windows, perfect. Sad to say we will probably have to leave it come January as we have given away more paintings than we have sold! Organizations seem to think artists are very happy to continuously donate paintings, we don't like to disabuse them of the notion and usually give them something, they are always so happy walking out the door with 500.00 of art!

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